Organic Vegeterian Pies

There are great vegetarian pie choices for those who love sweets as well. Try making the Vegan Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. This pie has a wonderful taste with sweet flavors combined with tart, to give you a unique after-dinner dish. You can find the recipe at http://www.veganbaking.net/recipes/pies, and it is a great choice for both vegans and vegetarians, alike. It is important to remember to cook this pie for a longer period of time, and at a lower temperature in order to keep water from pooling. Strawberries tend to release water during cooking, so it is crucial to be aware of this.

Another incredibly delicious vegetarian pie choice is called the Vegetarian Apple Cheddar Galette. This pie combines the wonderful flavor of cheese with sweet fruit. The recipe for this pie requires the use of sharp cheddar cheese. This flavor tends to combine particularly well with red apples. If you want to add another element to this recipe simply try sharp white cheddar instead of traditional yellow cheese. This not only gives you a flavor variation, but it looks good as well.

Perhaps the most common vegetarian pie is the sweet potato pie. There are many variations of this type of pie, but many call for the same general ingredients. A sweet potato offers many advantages over other pie ingredients. It provides a natural sweetener so that you do not have to add sugar or non-vegetarian ingredients. Add cinnamon and other great ingredients to make it your own recipe. If you do decide to use sugar, it is suggested that you use maple brown sugar for this dish. Making a great vegetarian dish is fun way to impress your friends during the holiday season.